Sunday, April 26, 2009

Clues debut!

So exactly what has Alden Penner been doing since The Unicorns dramatically disbanded? Working with his new band Clues, of course (and actually playing at my college last November to a group of about 25.)

It's no surprise no one has quite heard of Clues yet: they have barely played any shows or toured at all and the record label they are signed to has just about the most cryptic and difficult website to navigate ever (perhaps this is on purpose, to keep up the mystery and whatnot). They also did not released any kind of EP before this full length, only sending their songs through the blogosphere and internet. Still, after having seen them live last term I was waiting and waiting for this full length to come out, not only because what I did hear sounded amazing, but also because I wanted to see what else they would do.

Now that the album has leaked, I am pleased to say I am thoroughly enjoying it. It's a great album, solid and strong with at least four leading tracks that are really amazing. And shocker: you can barely hear The Unicorns in it! Thank goodness someone has moved on. Obviously the people he is playing with in the band know what they are doing and are skilled in the many ways of music. They sound great.

Favorite tracks:
"Approach The Throne" - incredible danceable, head bangable medley of horns and sticks being smashed into things. Easy "la la la" lyric segment to sing along to! Woo!
"Perfect Fit" - funky and weird, just how we like Alden
"Cave Mouth" - intense and sick guitar riff.

Bonus info! Count how many times Alden sings "Who here wants to sleep in the dragon's mouth?" Recurring theme maybe?

Download here
(thank you, Flaming Milk)

Thanks for this album, Alden & co. This makes up for Mr. Penner being kind of a dick to me after the show. Oh well. Nice work.

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