Monday, March 24, 2008

Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco is going to rock

I swear, Outside Lands in San Francisco (yeah! hometown cred!) is the festival to be at this year. Coachella dissapointed many...well here is what is going to rescue us all from total festival deprivation (besides Sasquatch! north of us).

The Outside Lands festival announced more lineup bands today, way more past the top three who we have heard repeated over and over.

Now, joining Radiohead (oh heck yeah), Tom Petty, and Jack Johnson (it's okay, I can deal with Radiohead there) are the following incredible bands and artists:

Primus, Beck, Widespread Panic, Wilco, Manu Chao, Cafe Tacvba, Cold War Kids, Devendra Banhart, Regina Spektor, Broken Social Scene, Andrew Bird, M. Ward, Matt Nathanson, Two Gallants, Steve Winwood, Kaki King, Dredg, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, and Sean Hayes.

And yes, more are still waiting to be announced! Unebelievable. As Gregg Perloff of Another Planet Entertainment who are presenting the festival said "We can't believe our lineup." WELL US DOWN HERE CAN'T EITHER! Way to cinch Radiohead you sneaky awesome people.

Not only is the lineup fabulous, but the concert will take place in Golden Gate Park...isn't is about time some big happening went down there? Something enormous like this? Nationwide? GG Park, a symbol of San Francisco. Hippies, the 60s, now Outside Lands. It's wonderful.

From the SF Chronicle: "The stages will be spread across adjacent areas of the park - from the massive Polo Fields to the Lindley and Speedway Meadows, where the annual Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival is largely staged. The park will receive a portion of the proceeds."

On top of all of this...the logo art is looking good.

No I am serious. It's a great blend of retro and moderne (french accent)

The festival will take place August 22nd to 24th, 2008
This is the first year this festival is being done
Three day tickets: $225. On sale 10 a.m. Sunday. (415) 421-8497

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The art in San Francisco museums right now is superb

Read the title of this blog.
It is true.
Right now, three of the major museums of San Francisco, the SFMOMA, the de Young, and The Legion of Honor, are running fantastic shows that require your immediate attention. Most of them have just opened and run until May so you have time; but who knows. You might want to go back a couple times. There is much to see.

SFMOMA's is currently showing an exhibit of Lee Friedlander photos. It is filled with nearly 400 photos from the 1950s to the present of this photographer's fine praised artwork. Friedlander is heralded as one of the major and perhaps one of the most significant contemporary artists of our time, gaining an extensive base here in the US and even across seas. His photos depict city scenes, life on the urban front, often including himself by means of reflection or shadow. This exhibit is not to be missed, as it shows some of present day photography's best and finest work. Side note: The Fraenkel Gallery at 49 Geary also is showcasing some wonderful Friedlander work at this moment, his project entitled "America by Car". And bonus, some are for sale! But yeah, who am I kidding. Can't afford that. Oh well. You can always just go see them for the sake of a Friedlander gallery showing: pricesless (for everything else, there's COPYRIGHTED.)
Show website: Click here
Runs Feb 23rd till May 18th

The de Young's current high praised, well rated, critic approved exhibit is that of the artists Gilbert & George. It's hard to put into words what G&G do. The de Young website aptly describes it as eliminating "the distinction between artist and art". This is very true. G&G appear in practically all their work. Some photos of live works they did, some live works before your eyes, and some...recreations of stained glass windows? All around, an enormous expansive and engaging exhibit that will completely capture you the moment you walk in. Even if you hate museums, this is nothing like paintings on a wall, rest assured. Lucky for you, art is changing rapidly. G&G are at the healm of it all.

Show website: Click here
Runs Feb 16th till May 18th

Lastly the Legion of Honor is currently housing an exhibit by the incredible Annie Leibowitz. Leibowitz has been a photographer of icons of pop culture for many many years. If you have not heard the name, definitley you have seen the naked John and Yoko photo, yes? Well it was taken by her. This exhibit presents us with 200 photos of her iconic shots as well as pictures of family and friends...more personal ones. The title of the exhibit, "A Photographer's Life 1990-2005" is a good one because we get to see into her life: her work (the celebrity photos) and her personal life (friends and family). Also thrown into the mix is an array of photos from her many trips across the world. A true perfect mix. Bonus! Her photo she took of George W. Bush in the White House is in this exhibit. And many others, who you will no doubt be more excited about, I'm sure. I am.

Show website: Click here
Runs March 1st till May 25th