Monday, December 29, 2008

Merriweather! Merry indeed

Okay, just admit it. You have downloaded the Animal Collective leak of their new album "Merriweather Post Pavilion." It was a wonderful Christmas gift for the entire blog community. Hm. You haven't downloaded it you say? Well my friend, as much as I love to spread the good word of support the artists, this album cannot, and I mean absolutely cannot, wait till January 20th. It's just too good.

Upon first listen, I was already blown away. The sounds and melodies are blended together beautifully and there is already more to each song than ever before. They feel bigger and bolder and stronger; Panda Bear said this was the best album Animal Collective have recorded, and I have to agree with him. It rivals all their past ones (and mostly certainly out does the mess of "Strawberry Jam").

My personal favorite on the album? "Summertime Clothes" would have to be chosen, but "Lion in a Coma" ("lion vs lying?" come on, they're just messing with us) has to be extremely close behind because it is incredible in it's break out moments and just all around.

To be played in enormous stadiums, dance parties, small clubs, or even just a gathering of fine high times with your really does feel like a universal piece. Epic.

Congratulations Animal Collective. This is amazing. On top of it all, your album cover is an optical illusion. Oh god that is sweet. Let's get summer tour dates going here.

To my dear readers: seriously, go buy it when it comes out though. If you're city is hosting a listening party, head to it, because it's about to be amazing and awesome. Bay kids: San Francisco has one! 21+ plus we have one nonetheless.

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First track on album - In The Flowers
Last track on album - Brothersport

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